Whats the best soymilk making machine?

topic posted Fri, June 16, 2006 - 10:48 AM by  Thistle
Hey, I just joined this tribe today (waving from the hills of tennessee). Does anyone have any soymilk machine reccomendations...yeeeessssss, I know I don't NEED a machine but anything to simplify my life would be welcomed with open arms. Thanks!
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    Sat, June 17, 2006 - 9:36 AM
    I am on my second Soya Joya ( and a number of my friends have gotten them as well. We all love them.

    By the way, the only reason why I am on my second is because I forgot to add water one time and melted mine down. They offered me a good discount since I was replacing my existing one.

    No more boiling over and no more difficult cleaning. It is really wonderful!!
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      Sat, June 17, 2006 - 9:46 AM
      I've heard they are good ones. I can't justify buying soy milk in the stores each week for my family when I can make it myself BUT I have so much going on all the time to keep up with another thing (making it fron scratch, that is) so I figure a machine is the happy medium. Thanks for your input.
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      Wed, January 17, 2007 - 3:23 PM
      To drag this topic back up... what do you use to clean your Soya Joya? My problem is that the filter cup, no matter how long I soak it and scrub it seems to still have little bits in it, and it's started to boil over more frequenly. I've already used the filter cleaner that came with it, and the machine is only a couple of months old.

      I think the problem was that there was a couple of times that I neglected to clean it right away, but since then I have been very careful.

      So, what's the best way to get all the bits out of the filter?
      • I have had that problem also. It was an aggravation to clean that damned filter.

        When soaking it, do you soak it in the "SoyaJoy Magic Cleaner"? ....

        Besides the "Magic Cleaner," I'm wondering if soaking in straight Clorox overnight would cut through the film-clog-stuff that builds up in the filter's pores.

        And I have to believe that oven cleaner would cut through that stuff and mushify it or dissolve it. But, of course, it is necessary to rinse it very well thereafter.

        Next time I run into that difficult filter cleaning problem, I'll experiment on it and post an update on what worked or not in cleaning it.

        It has been over a year since I've used my Soya Joya; since I stopped using it after being convinced that soy had some possible health issues. But my recent conclusion on the controversial issue is that some, moderate, soy is fine and beneficial. And since I have over 50 pounds of soybeans in storage, and since this thread brought that to my mind, I guess I'll crank up my Soya Joya again, for some more fun and experimentation with it.

        Since I have an ice cream maker too, I'll plan to experiment with making my own Soy Delicious frozen deserts! That could be fun!
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        Thu, May 22, 2008 - 5:38 PM
        I have the answer for cleaning the Soyajoy filter basket.

        Spray the stainless steel filter basket with Easy Off oven cleaner. Then let it set for 15 minutes to an hour or so. It worked perfectly for me. I didn't let it dry out after spraying it with the Easy Off. Then I just flushed it with clean tap water.

        Out of curiosity, I had deliberately let the filter clog up in order to see what would clean it, other than the over-priced tiny pack of chemical cleaner that soyaJoy sells mail order and shipping! I first tried liquid dish washing detergent. That didn't work. Next I tried "toilet bowel cleaner with Clorox" ... and that didn't work. But when I tried the Easy Off oven cleaner, that worked like a charm. :>)
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    Tue, July 4, 2006 - 9:01 PM
    I have bought it from (They have both 110v and 220-240v for Asia and Europe) and the most wonderful thing is the machine is easy to clean. I had an old one with all the heating coils. I thrown it away and bought a new one. The new one A800 I bough has none of the problems at all. The soymilk tastes much better and I do not bother to clean hard after making the soymilk. You may want to try to browse for more information.
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    Mon, April 19, 2010 - 4:10 PM
    I was really reluctant to purchase a separate soymilk maker.... so I did the rather old fashioned way of making it. It really felt like an ordeal, and I quit.

    I was buying quite a lot of soymilk, and again, I was toying with the idea of a separate soymilk maker. I have a Vita-Mix, and I thought that maybe I could really use it to make the soymilk.

    I measure out 1/4 cup of dry soybeans. I soak the soybean for about 2 hours (up to 12 hours). Then I drain the water off, and toss them in the
    microwave for 3 minutes with a little water (to cover the beans). (Heating them gets rid of "beany flavor" and eliminates the troubling enzyme). I drain off the water and toss them into the Vita-Mix. I add a quart of cold water, and a little sweetener and vanilla (to taste). I mix the beans on High for 3 to 4 minutes. This emulsifies ALL of the beans, and I don't have to filter out the okara -- the entire bean is included -- which increases fiber.

    I put it in the quart jar, and refrigerate -- it is yummy, easy to make, and NO big mess. So the Vita-Mix (which I LOVE) has given me ONE more reason to love it.... and NOT to have to buy a separate machine.

    Enjoy the separate soymilk maker -- or use your money to put into a Vita-Mix, which you can use for other uses!
  • We love the SoyQuick 930p. Beautiful design. Make any nut milk, grain milk, seed milk, bean/legume milk. Easy. Quick. Snap to clean!

    Oh...and did I say much less expensive than buying the cartons!

    Have been using it for five months now. We usually make almond or rice milk or a combo.

    Works better than expected, despite the rave reviews on amazon.

    Love making creative combinations and flavors!

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