Vegan Runza (or a Rolled Biscuit or Pasty dough)

topic posted Sun, March 4, 2007 - 6:12 PM by  Layla
Anyone around here up for Vegan cooking? Anyone?

My mom made us these things called Kraut Runza's (with Onion dumplings yummy) but I come across shocking recipes for the Runza dough(with every kind of dairy AND lard ! ICKY ! ). So I am looking to see if anyone has a vegan recipe for the dough - my mom uses Bisquick rolled biscuit recipe... So what is a Runza??? Well, the way I like it is browned onion and cabbage with cooked barley, baked inside of a, (um, well I hate to use that commercially available garbage as an example) "Hot Pocket". Its like a Pasty for those who know about Pasties. (A cornish hot pocket in case you were thinking more along the lines of Burlesque).

Anyway... lets cook yummy vegan food peoples and lets talk about it now...
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  • So I looked at some recipes, it sounds good and the dough shouldn't be too hard to veganize. Substitute non dairy milk and use vegan margarine or oil. I'd just leave the eggs out and add a little more liquid but you experiemnt with ener-g egg replacer, ground flax seeds or a little blended silken tofu.

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